February 04 The Partnership Agreement with Grow Live Systems executed!

January 14 The Partnership Agreement with Hydrogarden Beit Shemesh A.D. executed!

The OverGrower provides a stable yield of salads

September 11 The Partnership Agreement with Enjaz Trading FZ LLC executed!

August 6 The Partnership Agreement with Bostanika LLC Growing Technologies executed!

April 25 The Partnership Agreement with TatFerma a executed!

OverGrower opens up great opportunities for industrial plant growth!

In a nutshell: We are three years old and we are The Exporter of the Year!

The success of the company Modern Growing Systems at the CityFarmer 2020 International Exhibition and Conference

The second exhibition-conference on urban plant growing will be held on February 28, 29 and March 1

January 20 The Partnership Agreement with GrowMama executed!

December 31 The Partnership Agreement with UPrawy Company executed!

The company Advanced Grower Systems LTD among the participants of the business mission

November 28 The Partnership Agreement with InLED Technologies LLP executed!

In this video we will talk about the OverGrower connection to a cloud service, and how to work with Growing Profiles.

The company Advanced Grower Systems won the competition of innovative companies and projects.

September 24 The Partnership Agreement with Groots Hydroponics executed!

July 10 The Partnership Agreement with Sunlite Gardens Ltd executed!

A.E. Lokot visited Biolaboratory in school No 122

15 press correspondents visited office of the Advanced Grower Systems.

The Radio host of the 101.4 FM Regina Krutous asked about hydroponic growing and the personal achivements of the company’s president.

The exhibition of innovative laboratory equipment was held in Hannover, Germany on the May of 21-23.

May 29 The Partnership Agreement with Ultra executed!

May 16 The Partnership Agreement with RastOk executed!

Our Regional Partner took delivery of the first OverGrower.

April 16 The Partnership Agreement with Gulf Construction Trading & Construction Est executed!

City Farms and OverGrower – the cutting edge hydroponic plants management system will be presented

Roman’s presentation have caused a furor!

Kindly welcome to visit the conference on urban horticulture this March 1 - 3

Our Regional Partner took delivery of the first OverGrower.

January 22 The Partnership Agreement with SeedLink executed!

January 14 The Partnership Agreement with Can Biotech Ltd executed!

December 5 The Partnership Agreement with ISCRA E-Commerce Inc executed!

November 2th The Partnership Agreement with Aeradix (Pty) Ltd executed!

Our stand of the Modern Systems of Cultivation at the Exhibition on the City Day gathered many interested people among Novosibirsk inhabitants and city guests.

The full complex of OverGrower hydroponic automation system for City-Farmer is presented!

We congratulate residents and project managers of the Innovation Promotion Fund programs.

On OTS-TV channel there was an interview with Roman Rybakov

A partnership agreement was concluded with SPA Agro-Energo.

Roman Rybakov was invited as an Expert to Agro Hackaton-2017.

On the portal of "You are the Entrepreneur" program there was a news issued on Roman Rybakov’s participation in the Pre-accelerator Generation S -2017.

Vitamin Office + OverGrower

During Siberian Venture Fair, a presentation of OverGrower will be conducted

How many harvests per year, do you think, can be collected on a standard balcony?

Acknowledgment from the Novosibirsk Institute for Monitoring and Development of Education was received based on the results of cooperation in the field of City-Farming in schools

The exhibition is dedicated to the 124th anniversary of Novosibirsk’s foundation

"Over Grower - Friend of the City-Farmer" will take part in Technoprom-2017.

По результатам сотрудничества по направлению Сити-Фермерство в школах получена Благодарность от Второй Новосибирской Гимназии

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