The growing automation device is a great assistant for a city farmer, which help you get a harvest easily because the OverGrower controls all the necessary parameters and saves you the extra trouble of hydroponic system!

Each OverGrower is designed for one growing zone or for one type of plant that is at the same growth stage. The device can control the growing area from one small hydroponic system to a farm about the size of 5000 m2! Special conditions for the place of growing plants is not required.
Entrust the growing of plants to OverGrower! The device has a system of 8 sensors, takes into account all parameters of the nutrient solution and the environment and corrects them, creating optimal conditions for the best growth and development of a plant. The OverGrower is embedded in the ready-assembled hydroponic system.


Ventilation reduces
concentration of CO2

The lamp

Weather station measures:
- CO2 level
- Lighting
- Air temperature
- Humidity


Pumps dose
concentrated solutions

Dioxide balloon
feeds CO2

The TDS detector
measures quantities of
fertilizers and solution t

The pH detector
measures the
acid-alkaline balance

Solution level

The Pump
Solution feeding

Water drain

The pump
Water distribution

Mixing components of the solution occurs by based on the requirements of the plant growth stage. It is possible to use fertilizers any firms, destined only for hydroponics.
Regulation of acidity of solution occurs by making special pumps with acid or alkali. Based on these pH sensors, pumps control the level of acid-base balance to optimum values.
Regulation of nutrient solution of trace elements is performed by making a proportional multi-nutrient of fertilizers using the pumps. Based on the TDS sensor indications, pumps, proportionally adjusted to mineralization level of desired value indicating a concentration measurement units «ppm». It is possible to use of 1-, 2- and 3-component of fertilizers.
Solution temperature
Solution temperature
The decrease of temperature
of the nutrient solution in a tank
Air temperature
Air temperature
It’s possible to connect
an air conditioner or an air
heater for air controls
Air humidity
Air humidity
Automatic activation
of an air humidifier according
to the specified settings

Control and monitor of lamps
in the mode of supplementary
lighting or completely artificial
lighting as scheduled

A water level in a tank
A water level in a tank
Controlled by a level
sensor in a tank; monitor of water
pump for water supply
CO2 concentration
CO2 concentration
A CO2 supply according to
preset settings, automatic
activation of air ventilation
to reduce carbon dioxide levels.

OverGrower device functions. Part 2 - Cloud service

Package Contents
1. Device with a software already installed.
2. pH sensor - 1 pc in a set (periodicity of maintenance is once a month).
3. Combined sensor - TDS + solution temperature
4. Combined sensor - air temperature + humidity + illumination + CO2 concentration sensor
5. Solution level sensor.
6. Control unit of two outlets for controlling light and cooling lamps.
7. Control unit of two outlets to maintain the level of solution and refilling.
8. Control unit of two outlets for controlling CO2 gas supply valve and extractor.
9. Power supply unit.
10. Working manual with an access password to the user interface (supplied in the form of an electronic document).
11. Cultivation procedures (supplied in the form of an electronic document).

Warranty is 12 months.
Each outlet in each control unit is designed for a maximum load of up to 1.5 kW.
• Investments in equipment return after two successful harvests.
• If all the conditions are met, the device guarantees a harvest that covers all costs.
• By purchasing hydroponics automation system, you can customize it by yourself and serve up to 100 000 lettuce or 2000 tomato bushes.
• In case of volume increase, it is possible to adopt the device to individual needs
• It is possible to adjust and correct the device to individual growing conditions.
You can purchase the OverGrower growing automation device from one of our regional representatives or fill out a form.

Thank you for Request. Will contact you ASAP.
Thank you for Request. Will contact you ASAP.