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CLIMATE-01OG climate control module

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CLIMATE-01OG climate control module
The climate monitoring module CLIMATE-01OG measures the exact values of temperature, air humidity, lighting and carbon dioxide level CO2.

Digital data from the module is used by the intelligent grow computer OverGrower® to operate external equipment.
Self-correcting models of external growing profiles adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

This creates ideal conditions for all types of plants in different growth stages!
CLIMATE-01OG module features
Range of measured values ​​by channels:
- Air temperature 0-55 °С, ±0.1 °С
- RH% 0-95 %, ±0,1 %
- Lighting 0-128 000 lux, ±1 lux
- СО2 level 0-5000 ppm, ±1 ppm

Generic application:
Series modules connection via a connector.
The ability to connect using AirGrow® technology
CLIMATE-01OG module includes
● 1 pcs. Climate control module CLIMATE-01OG
● 1 pcs. 5m in length 8P8C patch-cord wire

Weight: 60 gr.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 70х70х30 mm.