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LEVEL-01OG level monitoring sensor module

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High-precision measurement of water or cultural solution supply in tanks up to 2 meters high!

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LEVEL-01OG level monitoring sensor module

LEVEL-01OG module with built-in high-quality hydrostatic pressure transducer with stainless steel screen for immersion in tanks up to 2.5m in height.

Simply immerse the sensor to the bottom of the tank according to the instructions, and then use it together with the OverGrower® system.
LEVEL-01OG module works perfectly together with SENSORS series devices in order to maintain ideal growing conditions.

LEVEL-01OG module features
LEVEL-01OG module features:
- Water volume in the tank/reservoir in liters/percent
- Normal error of measurement 1.5%
- Measured height: up to 2.5m
- Rugged plastic case

Generic application:
The ability to connect using AirGrow® technology
Quantity of connectable devices is not limited.
LEVEL-01OG module includes
● 1 pcs. LEVEL-01OG level monitoring sensor
● 1 pcs. 5m in length 8P8C patch-cord wire
● 1 pcs. DC12V power supply

Weigth: 550 gr.
Case dimensions (LxWxH): 116х65х45 mm.
Sensor dimensions: 145 x 28 mm