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New by OverGrower - calibration solutions!

4 февраля 2023

OverGrower presents a new line of solvents for sensors maintenance!

Калибровочные растворы от OverGrower

Accuracy of control and measuring devices deteriorates over time. Factory calibration cannot guarantee 100% accuracy during a long-term operation of a measuring device.

Readings collected from the solution sensors start deviating from actual values.

The only viable way-out would be to perform regular check and calibration of measuring devices with buffer solutions.

In order to ensure the most precise and accurate readings from the devices, one shall carry out regular calibration of the sensors in OverGrower solutions as per the instructions.

As a rule, measuring devices shall be calibrated every month.

On average, one liter of the calibration solution is sufficient for 45 applications: 25 ml per calibration.

Solution proportions are provided on the bottle to make it more convenient for you to use.

Please dispose calibration solutions after use, do not pour them back into the manufacturer bottle!

The new line of OverGrower sensor maintenance solutions includes:

Buffer solution for pH-meter with nominal pH 4.01 and pH 6.86

Solutions for reference samples are prepared from standard second-grade dilutions, and provide for the device set-up to ensure correct correlation between a signal coming from an electrode and pH value of the operated liquid.

A solution used to calibrate EC/TDS measuring devices, nominal values are 1000 mS/cm and 4000 mS/cm.

The operated reference samples are made in the lab and tested on a certified equipment, which provides for the most precise and accurate values!

Solution used to store pH and ORP electrodes, 3.0M KCL

The solution is a must for correct operation of pH-sensors. With this preserving solution, electrodes will serve you long, providing you with accurate measurements at all times.