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Standard pH 6.86 Buffer Solution

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Standard pH 6.86 Buffer Solution

Accuracy of control and measuring devices deteriorates over time of operation.The only viable way-out to get reliable measured values would be to perform regular checks and calibrations of measuring devices with buffer solutions.Standard buffer solutions are intended to check and setup accuracy parameters of measuring devices within any pH meters to determine activity of hydrogen ions in various medium.

The solution is ready for application, one only needs to put an electrode into the solution and follow the instructions supplied with the measuring device.
Usually, OverGrower pH sensor shall be calibrated at least once a month. On average, one liter of the calibration solution is sufficient for 45 applications: 25 ml per calibration.

Storage terms and conditions, as well as solution proportions are provided on the bottle.

  • Nominal 6.86 pH
  • Volume: 1 L
  • Calibration accuracy — up to two decimal places of a pH unit.
  • Solutions for reference samples are prepared from standard second-grade dilutions, and provide for the device set-up to ensure correct correlation between a signal coming from an electrode and pH value of the operated liquid.

  • In order to eliminate any risk of cross contamination, please do not place the electrode into a bottle with the solution, it is better to pour the solution into the calibration container.

  • If the buffer solution amount is sufficient to do several calibrations, please keep it in air-proof container and change the liquid from time to time.
  • Please do not pour the used calibration solution from the calibration container back into the bottle.

  • If calibration sequence requires application of various solutions with different nominal values, it is recommended to use the beaker filled with clean water to wash the sensor.

  • Do not mix calibration solutions with different nominal values.

  • Please keep the solution in air- and sun-proof container, away from children. Please store at temperature of +15...+25 ºC.

Failure to fulfil the recommendations provided herein will result in lost properties and corruption of specified nominals of calibration solutions.

First aid when in contact with the solution

When inhaled: Go out to breathe some fresh air. Call the doctor in case of respiratory distress.

When in contact with skin: Wash the place of contact thoroughly with a soap.

When in contact with eyes: Wash the eyes with lots of water for 15 minutes. If pain persists, please call the doctor.

When swallowed: Rinse the throat thoroughly with water if a person is conscious. If his/her condition worsens, please call the doctor.