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New by OverGrower! OPTIMIZATOR, an innovative fertilizer to ensure healthy growth of your plants

15 мая 2023

OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR is a balanced growth regulator with fertilizing, stimulating, and protection properties.

It is a unique biological fertilizer that will ensure optimal growth of plants, increase their resistance to external factors, and improve yield of nearly any cultures.

Our new product OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR is 100% organic, it contains no pathogenic flora which makes it environmentally friendly, and absolutely safe for birds, animals, and people.


Its major principle of work is that plants genome contains special receptors activated by the product.
These receptors are key elements to launch many biochemical processes in a plant.
The product fosters internal biological processes, through which a plant gives adequate response to unfavorable ambient conditions and abiotic factors of various etiology.


— Increases fertilizers accessibility;

— Contains the whole complex of micro- and macro-elements which makes it a universal product for foliage application;

— Increases nutrition value and quality of fruits and vegetables;

— Helps a plant to unleash its genetic potential;

— Restores soil fertility by recovering natural humus;

— Decreases any harm incurred through contacts with pests and viruses;

— Provides for benefits even in cases when a grower miscultivates the plants.

The product is an excellent solution for disease prevention as it optimizes internal endogenic properties of plants.
It helps farmers ensure both soil fertility and pests combatting without any chemicalsOverGrower-OPTIMIZATOR.jpg

The OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR growth regulator contains over 68 organic compounds that make it beneficial for the plant quality:

Aminoacids that foster protein synthesis, improve nutrition, stimulate growth, development, and immune system of a plant.
Vitamins that play an important role in plants metabolism, regulate their growth, development, and resistance to stresses.
Organic Biologically Active Additives that help plants cope with various stresses, such as droughts, saline environment, unfavorable temperatures, and other factors — all this is due to their ability to activate protective mechanisms in plants and improve their adaptiveness.
Phenols that ensure protection against diseases and pests, reinforce cell walls, regulate plants growth and development, as well as interact with other ambient organisms.
Polyphenols that foster antioxidant properties, strengthen immune system of plants, and increase their resistance to stresses.
Humates that, apart from growth stimulation, help plants aggregate nutrients in fruits and improve absorption of fertilizer elements in a root system.
Phytohormones that regulate growth and physiological processes in plants tissues.

OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR is an organic and mineral complex designed for both agricultural and decorative cultures.
It can be used in seeds steeping, applied to foliage, and turned into plant-root fertilization.


  1. Processing of pre-planting materials (seeds, tubers).
    Provides for a substantial increase in growth energy and improved immunity against diseases.

  2. Foliage spraying.
    The most effective and efficient way to process plants due to maximum area covered with the product.

  3. Soil watering to restore natural humus.
    Live sells contained in a solution dissolve in the soil during watering and dispose all organics while keeping nitrogen from the atmosphere.

When produced, the product is subject to filtration though 20-micron mesh, which makes it fir to any types of sprayers.

Please keep the product away from kids and in sun-proof container.
Simple, no other storage requirements.
The product will keep its properties even if frozen.
It can be stored as either concentrated or dissolved solution for up to two years!

The product was tested by Russian scientists and can be used off the shelf. No precautions when used with other products.