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OPTIMIZATOR Growth Regulator to grow plants

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Basic phytohormones and a complex of micro- and macro-elements to ensure optimal plant growth.

The product is applied in both artificial and natural environments.

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OPTIMIZATOR Growth Regulator for growing health plants

OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR is a unique biologically active liquid fertilizer generated through fermentation from 100% organic materials.

It is designed to process both agricultural and decorative plants.

The OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR stimulates plants growth and optimal development, improves absorption of fertilizer elements in a root system due to large quantities of phytohormones in its composition that regulate vital functions of plants.

OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR organic and minerals complex stands out for its fertilizing, stimulating, and protective properties.

Apart from phytohormones, the product formula contains fungicidal and bacterial agents.

The product offers properties of organic fertilizers, humates, mineral fertilizers, plant protection, stimulation, and regulation agents, as well as insecticides (against some pests).

Therefore, the product facilitates growth and adequate response of plants to abiotic factors.

It fosters immune functions and resistance to stresses, accelerates plant recovery after immunosuppressive effects.

It provides for an optimal development of plants:

- Mitigates and eliminates stresses, deficits;
- Improves immune functions, resistance to diseases and viruses;
- Helps decrease expenses for cultivation and increase product quality;
- Increases yield of any cultures, thus improving the output.

The product may help mitigate effects of misgrowing practices in artificial environments.

Moreover, it mitigates negative effect of the environment when growing in an open soil.


— Increases fertilizers accessibility;

— Contains the whole complex of micro- and macro-elements which makes it a universal product for foliage application

— Helps a plant to unleash its genetic potential

— Provides for benefits even in cases when a grower miscultivates the plants

— Helps farmers ensure both soil fertility and pests combatting without any chemicals.

The fertilizer is available in

100 ml, 1000 ml, and 5000 ml packs

The product is also available in canisters of various sizes, 200 l drums and barrels if ordered as custom order.
Please see storage and usage terms on the pack.


- Total nitrogen: 3 g/l

- Total phosphorous: 2 g/l

- Potassium: 2.6 g/l



- Copper: not more than 3 mg/l

- Cobalt: not more than 5 mg/l

- Zink: not more than 23 mg/l



- Humic acids: not more than 1000 mg/l

- Fulvic acids: not more than 1000 mg/l


Basic phytohormones:

- Cytikinin: 200 mg/l

- Gibberelin A3: 9 mg/l

- Indolil-3-acetic acid: 1 mg/l

- Indolil-3-oleic acid: 1 mg/l

- 4-chlorindolil-3-acetic acid: 0.4 mg/l

- Abscisic acid: 0.3 mg/l


Organic compound: 50% of dry substance


NPK = 7.5: 5.0 : 6.5 (% of dry substance)


The Product contains no pathogenic microflora, active weed seeds, helminths and pests, benzapyrenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and radionuclides.


When used as per instructions, the product is SAFE for birds, animals, and people.

OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR Application Manual

Preparation of the working mixture:
Process with 1% working mixture.

To prepare 30 ml of the working mixture, you will need 1 ml of the product dissolved in 29 ml of water.

OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR Application:

1. Seeds steeping
2. Spraying to foliage
3. Plant-root fertilization, application into the soil as an organic fertilizer


1. Seeds steeping

Seeds steeping to be performed in 1% working mixture of the Optimizator.

Exposition term depends on the solution temperature and seedcoat thickness, but shall not be more than 24 hours.

Seeds steeping with OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR ensures:
• Germinating ability increase up to 100% due to growth energy boost
• Unanimous mass sprouts for 2-3 days
• Healthy development of plants as a basis for future yield
• Increased resistance to poor weather conditions
• Improved immunity of plants to diseases

Effect of OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR for seeds steeping:
• Decreased seeding rate due to strong germinating ability
• Reduced risk of loss of crops due to poor environment conditions
• Lower cost of production and higher quality products

Recommended way of application:
- Seeds shall be placed between layers of cloth or gauze.
- Poor some water of 40-50ºC into reservoir with seeds.
- Mix Optimizer solution with water to obtain 1% of the working mixture
- Expose the seeds fully emerged into the mixture for 6-12 hours.

If overexposed, the seeds may lose their ability to germinate or emerge late.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the concentration and exposure term is right.
In case you have doubts whether you have chosen a correct dosage for your seeds, or you do not want to risk germination, try reducing either the mixture concentration or exposition time for the first application.


2. Spraying to foliage, foliar fertilizing

Foliar shall be processed with 1% working mixture of OverGrower Optimizator.

Spraying shall be performed not more than once every two weeks, but not less than 2 times per season:
- During vegetation, when 4-6 actual leaves appear
- During flower-bud formation or flowering

Exceptions may be made for extreme conditions (such as drought) or disease prevention.
If stress factors persist for a significant period of time, you may consider increasing the spraying frequency up to once per week.

Please apply the working mixture under proper temperature for photosynthesis: from 15ºC to 26ºC.
Please use the sprayer with a “mist” mode.

Continue spraying until you see a layer of mistle on leaves.
Please avoid having drops of water on leaves.

Protected soil, city farm, growbox:
If an artificial lighting is used, please perform the spraying 30-60 minutes before switching the lamps on, or after turning them off. Average discharge rate per a medium sized tomato plant would be up to 45 ml per bush.

For in-house and garden use:
You may use a pump-action or manual sprayer.

When outdoor:
Please follow the standard procedure.
The discharge rate of 1% working mixture when applied to field crops would be 1200 - 3600 l/Ga (depends on processed culture).
If the concentration is right, processing may be combined with other products.
It is not recommended to combine the product with copper-bearing products (no sufficient data).

Overdosage will result in inhibiting effect: physiological, physiological, and chemical processes in a plant either stall or completely freeze.
In case you have doubts whether you have chosen a correct dosage for your seeds, or you do not want them to look bad, you may consider replacing foliage treatment with plant-root fertilization and water the plant with 5% solution.

Foliage application with OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR ensures:
• Development of strong plants with rich color
• Increase of foliage area
• Improved immunity of plants to diseases
• Increased resistance to chemical stresses and poor weather conditions
• Improved yield, better taste and nutrition value of the products
• Safekeeping the collected products

Effect of OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR for foliage application:
Through foliage application you stimulate internal protection mechanisms of the plant, as well as create an adequate response of all systems to poor conditions due to balanced combination of phytohormones.

This results in higher yields, better quality of the products, balanced plant growth, faster development and ripening, increased resistance to abiotic conditions, as well as in insecticidal activity of the product against pests through activated biological protective mechanisms in some cases.


Potato: increased yield by 40% and merchantability up to 99%, tuber quantity and quality in a well, amount of stems and side shoots, foliage area, accelerated growth at all stages.


Vegetables: increased yield, quality of products, more even roots, better consistency and weight of heads.


Crops: increased culm strength and stem thickness, improved yield, length, and grain mass, as well as larger content of gluten and better overall quality of the crop.

Absence of fruit flies, reduced risk of diseases and phytosanitary risks.


Corn: increased nutrition and energy value of the crop, larger content of protein and vitamins in green mass.

Result: higher productivity of animals.


Grapes: improved yield by 1.2 t/Ha, increased density of cluster and mass by 8,7%, increased quality of grapes through higher content of organic acids, dry mass, and sugars.


3. Plant-root fertilization, application into the soil as an organic fertilizer

Please process with 5-20% solution of OverGrower Optimizer while watering.


Application of OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR into the soil as an organic fertilizer ensures:


• Increased yield in the long run

• Re-cultivation of damaged soils, restoration of their natural crop-producing power

• Recovery of natural humus and soil micro-biocenosis

• Reduced erosion

• Recovered pH value of soils and their oxidation reduction potential

• Soil saturation with growth elements in a form accessible for plants, saturation with microelements

• Accelerated processes of nitrogen accumulation from air


Effect of application of OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR into the soil as an organic fertilizer:

• General recovery and enhancement of agricultural lands

• Improved sensorial and consumer properties of agricultural products

• Increased yield