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Hydroponic growing tray GrowTray-01OG

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Professional grade hydroponics trays!
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Hydroponic growing tray GrowTray-01OG
Designed specifically for use in hydroponics, GrowTray-01OG double layer trays for creating systems with any of the hydroponic methods:
- intermittent flooding (Flood & Drain or Ebb & Flow),
- nutrient film technique (NFT)
- aeroponics.

Opaque black layer - made of high quality food-grade plastic to protect the interior volume from light, preventing algae growth.

White reflective layer on the outside - scatters the light from the phyto-lamps and thus improves the uniformity of lighting of plants and increases the the efficiency of the lighting unit!

GrowTray-01OG features
- Highly rigid double-layer trays made of durable food-grade plastic
- Easily withstand loads
- Special pattern minimizes water retention
- Fits a variety of lid and 600x400mm cassettes for all tasks: seed sprouting, sprouts and rooting/cloning, salads, microgreens, etc.

Standard dimensions of the trays: 1320x660x100 mm.
Material: Polystyrol (PS)