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DOSER-02OG metering control pumps module

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Leave the preparation of cultural solutions to precision instruments!
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DOSER-01OG metering control pumps module
DOSER-02OG is a system of five independent flexible-hose metering control pumps for administering cultural solutions, pH regulators, stimulants and other fluids.
Set of three independent peristaltic dosing pumps with high performance.

Allows precise mixing of fluid volumes at a constant flow rate of 500 ml per minute into tanks and lines at pressures up to 1.5 atmospheres.
The reliable and durable pumps can accurately pump solutions with a vertical lift of up to 1.5m.

Flexible-hose pumps successfully resist their own contamination even when dealing with viscous fluids.

The DOSER-02OG module works in tandem with the SENSORS series solution sensor devices to maintain ideal growing conditions.
DOSER-02OG module features
DOSER-02OG module features:
- Three independent metering control pumps
- Precision accuracy < 4ml after calibration
- Easily replaceable pump heads
- Standard DIN-rail mounting
- Connection via 8P8C cable through a connector
- Rugged steel case with ground contact

Generic application:
The ability to connect using AirGrow® technology
Dosing of fertilizers, pH regulators, stimulators and other fluids
Series modules connection via a connector.
DOSER-02OG module includes
● 1 pcs. DOSER-02OG metering control pumps module
● 1 pcs. 5m in length 8P8C patch-cord wire
● 1 pcs. DC12V power supply

Weight: 1100 gr.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 250х80х100 mm.