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Smashing success on Saudi Agriculture 2022 in Riyadh

29 октября 2022

The international exhibition for agriculture was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the May of 17-20.

The OverGrower’ New Generation has been presented on the Saudi Agriculture 2022.
LuxaVita® and GrowPillar have been shown too.

Advanced Grower Systems’ Team and our Dammam’s Regional Partner provided the presentation of all the systems features, let to manage a greenhouse based farm at the real time.

The OverGrower device, GrowPillar and LuxaVita led grow lamp were presented at the exhibition in Saudi Arabia

Huge of the Farmers and agritech Professionals express interest to Advanced Grower Systems’ technologies showed.

GrowerMix – a New system for up to 2 Hectares farms management stimulated the firsts requests for quotations from the managers and owners of medium size farms from Arabic Gulf Countries.

The Advanced Grower Systems is participant of the Saudi Agriculture 2022 with GrowerMix