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The laboratory of Speed Breeding under the control of the OverGrower!

28 декабря 2022
For the first time in Russia, a scientific laboratory focused on practical breeding has been launched. The project promises to speed up the selection process in a closed room by 4 times at first, and in the future by 8 times!

A special room isolated from daylight and other environmental influences has been allocated in the scientific center of the SFSCA of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Spikelets of wheat in the laboratory of Speed Breeding

The equipment of the company Advanced Grower Systems Ltd was used for the Speed Breed laboratory:
Liquid-cooled LED Grow Light LuxaVita with different spectral composition of modules with the possibility of control.

OverGrower® Light Spectrum Management Platform - 100% customization of LED lighting!
It is used together with the Spectrum control Module SPECTRO-01OG

The platform simulates natural processes:
- sunrise and sunset
- cloud effect
- 100% control over the spectral composition of the radiation of LED Grow Lights

The CityFarmer Hydroponic Multi-shelves System with the possibility of using different methods of watering plants — Drip irrigation, Flood&Drain, Nutrient film technique NFT or Aeroponics

OverGrower automation complex with unlimited possibilities for monitoring and managing all parameters of the plant habitat, irrigation and lighting

Comprehensive monitoring of farm equipment allows fine-tuning of all processes for precision habitat management:
- minimizes plant stress
- reduces the involvement of technical personnel and the influence of the human factor by 16 times!
- And most importantly - accelerates growth!