Liquid-cooled LED modules

They are designed for lighting plants in multi-tier rack-type installations, as well as for inter-row lighting when using spar growing systems using light culture technology.


Driver of light-emitting diodes

Can be located inside the housing, the lamp power can be adjusted

LED rulers

Located on one or two sides, it is possible to use LEDs of any company

Cooling liquid

Provides long life of lamp elements and dissipates light

Transparent case

high-strength and hermetic

The most compact and efficient solution among all existing phytolights.

A series of greenhouse lights for artificial lighting of greenhouse farms as a side and common board.
Additional use - for lighting seedlings of various types in rack cultivation.

Luminaire radiation in the range 400-700 nm provides the process of photosynthesis in plants.
Modifications of full spectrum lamps, due to the special composition of phosphor LEDs, are applicable for growing plants in systems without natural light, as well as in greenhouses with natural light for plant plating.

Electrical safety

Have a high class of protection against electric shock and can work even underwater

Various spectrum

- Specialized for individual crops
- Universal
- On an individual project

Liquid cooling

Innovative technology for cooling LEDs and LED drivers with 100% immersion in liquid

Qualitative light-emitting diodes

LED lines use specially selected LEDs from leading manufacturers

Lighting in all directions

The LED rulers can be located on the entire surface of the fito-lamp LuxaVita®

Effective heatassignment

Heat removal by LuxaVita® technology is carried out through soldering metals and tracks directly into liquid medium

Driver of light-emitting diodes

The LED driver is located inside the module. Power supply adjustable power


Liquid-cooled technology LuxaVita® extends the service life of all the elements of the fitness lamp

Interordinary lighting

LED modules do not LuxaVita® burn plant foliage, which allows them to be placed as close as possible


• LED module for multi-tier plants with size of 1200x25x25mm, capacity of 50 watts and spectral composition for green crops and spicy herbs.

• LED module for intracancer lighting with size 600x32x32mm, power 50 watts and spectral composition for tomatoes and cucumbers.

In addition to standard solutions, we offer liquid-cooled LED modules LuxaVita other dimensions according to the customer 's individual design.

The minimum order is 12 LED modules.


The product is based on an innovative chill technology LED and LED drivers with a 100% of tug of war in a stream-leading liquid with a high warm leading factor, in a case from an efficient Polycarbonat flooded with light.

The liquid provides for additional light dispersion, so that more plants can be lighted up.

The missing oxygen influence on Crystal, Luminofort and other elements of the whole LED assembly provides for durability.


The technology LuxaVita® many times more efficient than any existing solutions with metal radiators. A significant disadvantage of LED lamps with metal radiators is the aging of the heat removal elements. This results in overheating of LED crystals and rapid loss of light flux.

Heat removal according to the LuxaVita® technology is carried out through soldering metals and tracks directly into dynamically convecting liquid medium, which produces heat removal from all sides of the product, which provides the design service life of LEDs of 100,000 or more hours (from 10 years of continuous operation).

Due to the slight heating of the lamps, as well as, if necessary, the complete removal of heat outside the working areas by the use of flowing outer jackets, the foliage of plants can be in close proximity to the surface of the lamp without the risk of burns, and the distance between the shelves is reduced, whereby the area is used most efficiently.


In cooperation with VNISI Institute and Timiryazev Academy, spectral composition of LED modules of LuxaVita® for most cultures is selected. The luminaires LuxaVita® may have a variety of spectral characteristics.

We offer the following options:
• Specialized spectrum for individual cultures
• Universal spectrum for most plants
• Implement the necessary spectral characteristics according to the customer's individual design.

When developing a lighting plant for plants, we make a special calculation in the program based on the parameters of LEDs.


The LED rulers within the LuxaVita® lamp can be located over the entire surface of the LED module. This capability, as well as additional dispersion due to the liquid, allows a single LuxaVita® phyto module to be used to illuminate all surrounding plants.

This solution is excellent for inter-row lighting of plants when using sledge growing systems using light culture technology! It allows to easily carry out intra-code intra-row lighting, inter-row light - LED interlighting, or to organize combined, hybrid lighting.


When manufacturing LED lines of LuxaVita® modules, specially selected LEDs of leading manufacturers are used: Cree, Osram, Nishia, Lumileds, NationStar and others.

Liquid cooling technology extends the service life of LEDs, as part of our LED fito lamps.
Throughout the service life, the LEDs in our fito modules do not change their spectral characteristics, laid down in the initial design of the lighting plant. 100% luminous flux is retained during the whole life of the fito module!


The LED driver is located inside the LuxaVita® lamp, i.e. immersed entirely in the cooling liquid for efficient heat removal and extended service life.
The vast majority of power supplies for LEDs use electrolytic capacitors.

Electrolytic capacitors are known to fail due to aging/drying of the electrolyte due to insufficient tightness or overheating. As a result of the failure of the power supply, the LEDs may also fail.

The LuxaVita® technology eliminates tightness problems and superheating the condenser at the same time! When the power supply is immersed in the cooling liquid, special protection against all environmental factors is provided, and an additional level of electrical insulation is particularly reliable.
As a result, the temperature of the power supply will not reach the limits, and the service life can be extended from 10 years!



High class of protection against electric shock, lamps can work even underwater


Maximizes the life of LEDs and power supplies


Can be illuminated in all directions, and efficient heat removal allows the lamps to be in direct contact with the foliage


Calculation during lighting plant design in special program, based on LED parameters


Ready-to-use solutions for your different budget basis agribusiness! We can create your salad farm, according to your requirements using the latest technologies for your commercial cultivation based on our experience.


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