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SOCKET-02OG device control unit module

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Smart socket network for any scale of growing!

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SOCKET-02OG device control unit module

SOCKET-02OG is a universal 2-output 110-220V power management expansion module.

It can be used with any external equipment to expand the number of devices that the OverGrower® system can control.

When the module is activated by the OverGrower computer, each of the 2 sockets will turn on with a 3 second delay between activation.
This eliminates the high inrush current and allows up to 2 devices to be safely controlled without risk of damage.

Each socket of the module is designed for a maximum load of 1.5 kW on a 110-220V supply, or load switching is possible.

SOCKET-02OG module features
Solution Zone management:
- Cooling and heating of the solution
- Clean water supply
- Used solution drain
- Overflow from the preparation (mixing) tank into the irrigation tank
- Solution mixing

Climatic zone management:
- Lighting
- Lamp cooling
- CO2 injection
- Ventilation
- Cooling or heating of the air
- Humidification or dehumidification of the air
- Irrigation

Generic application:
Connection of additional devices for on/off control.
Quantity of connectable devices is not limited.
The ability to connect using AirGrow® technology
SOCKET-02OG module includes
● 1 pcs. Device control unit SOCKET-02OG (2 sockets)
● 1 pcs. 5m in length 8P8C patch-cord wire
● 1 шт. 220v power cable 1.8m long.

Weight: 430 gr.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 195х80х75 mm.