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SENSORS-01OG solution sensor module

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Reliable control of water quality for irrigation and plant nutrition!

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SENSORS-01OG solution sensor module

The SENSORS-01OG solution sensor system for use in complex OverGrower® allows you to continuously monitor the quality of irrigation and plant nutrition water and other solutions.

Each module measures pH and TDS values, temperature, and liquid levels in large and small tanks.

Simply connect the module to the tank directly or via a sample extractor, and start using it in conjunction with OverGrower® system.

The SENSORS-01OG module works in tandem with the DOSER series metering control devices to maintain ideal growing conditions.

SENSORS-01OG module features
Range of measured values ​​by channels:
- pH 3-8 pH, ±0.01 pH
- Mineralization TDS 0-3500 ppm, ±1 ppm
- Electric conductivity EC 0-7000 µS/cm, ±1 µS/cm
- Water temperature 0-55 °С, ±0.1 °С
- Tank water level: Empty-Low-Middle-Full

Generic application:
Series modules connection via a connector.
The ability to connect using AirGrow® technology
SENSORS-01OG module includes
● 1 pcs. Solution sensor module SENSORS-01OG
● 1 pcs. pH electrode, with 70cm cable length.
● 1 pcs. Combined sensor (TDS/EC + solution temperature sensor), with 80cm cable length.
● 1 pcs. Solution level sensor, with 150cm cable length.
● 1 pcs. 5m in length 8P8C patch-cord wire
● 1 pcs. DC12V power supply

Weight: 175 gr.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 120х130х35 mm.