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New video on YouTube - cloud service OverGrower

26 ноября 2019

In this video we will talk about the OverGrower connection to a cloud service, and how to work with Growing Profiles.

Cloud service cloud.OverGrower.ru provides access to a unique remote plant growing service with an ever-expanding set of features. Remote control of the hydroponic plant.
Overgrower automation system to notify of any situations in the growing process on your hydroponic plant. No special skills are required to use the entire feature set!

A plant growth profile is a set of all sorts of parameters used by OverGrower to grow plants from seed planting to harvesting.
Now, hydroponics is easy! More than a personal agronomist!

All functions are accessible from any device and provide access to all the features of fully automated hydroponic plant cultivation with OverGrower.