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OverGrower ist 7 Jahre alt geworden!

25 ноября 2023

The Advanced Growing Systems celebrates its 7th birthday!

Modern Cultivation Systems Company celebrates its seventh birthday

Another fruitful year has passed! Innovative developments, new partners, effective cooperation, interesting meetings, and good deeds are just a fraction of what we have enjoyed for now.

Roman Rybakov presented the products of OverGrower company to the visitors of the stand

Today, we would like to mark the most significant events of this year:

We developed and presented a new generation of the OverGrower computer for automatic plant growing complex.
The computer is supplied with the most up-to-date technologies:

  • 10” touch screen,

  • The latest high-performance processor of 2023,

  • Own proprietary operating system: OverGrower OS,

  • We added an AI to make it easier for you to control and manage growing processes,

  • We developed a well-thought and user-friendly interface,

  • We implemented an adaptive user interface so that you could manage growing processes in the most efficient way on any devices,

  • You can still use our unified interface from any device via a browser,

  • Now, OverGrower can be used to manage any farms of any size and area!

Demonstration of the new generation of OverGrower computers

We launched a new product – OverGrower OPTIMIZATOR – on the market. OPTIMIZATOR is a complex of phytohormones selected to ensure optimum development of plants at various stages of their growth.

We also started selling OverGrower Solutions, special liquids to maintain, calibrate, and store sensors.

We managed to set up production of the GrowerMix fertigation system.

Liquid OverGrower Solutions for Sensor Calibration

Let us also tell you about out most outstanding activities in this year:

  • Our scientific laboratory designed and equipped with OverGrower technologies was visited by a well-known travel blogger Sergey Dolya, who filmed his Incredibly Interesting Stories, a popular science project.

  • We built and launched several Biolaboratories in several schools across Russia, which are completely automatic City Farms designed with application of OverGrower technologies. These Biolaboratories will be used to hold classes on biotechnologies.

  • We signed a Partnership Agreement with Teplitsa 105, a company based in the Republic of Dagestan.

  • We also started working with TerraTech as a technological partner in complex automation of farms for growing legal cannabis in Russia!

  • We made two business trips to Saudi Arabia this year, took part in four regional exhibitions of various scales. It was the second time in a raw that we presented our products at the largest International Agricultural Exhibition, Saudi Agriculture.

Roman Rybakov has collected a new crop of watermelons grown with the help of OverGrower

We would like to thank our Partners and Clients all around the world!
You inspire and motivate us!
This year was marked with a rapid growth and intense development.
For sure, the new year will bring us many discoveries and great achievements!