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Hallo Südkorea!

17 февраля 2022

February 7 The Partnership Agreement with CESeL primus Ltd., co executed!

Dear Customers,
Kindly ask you to contact Johnathan Kim:

Company: CESeL primus Ltd., co

Address: H6 4f, 18, Yangjae-daero 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone: +81 -10-5498-6453

www.ceslprimus.com (in Korean)
en-ceslprimus.imweb.me (in English)

E-mail: jung.kim@ceslprimus.com

CESeL primus Ltd., co is wholesale Distributor of Grow Products:

- Supply cultivation equipment and environmental control solutions, through the development of smart farm-related big data and AI-based technology.
- Provide the vertical farm facilities and large-scale plant factory solutions.
- Harvests and supplies fresh strawberries, leafy vegetables, and herbs on the same day at the local production hub near the city.

The Partnership Agreement with CESeL primus Ltd., co executed