«OverGrower» - complex device for remote automated hydroponic plant control.

«OverGrower» has a system with 8 sensors. «OverGrower» takes into account all parameters of nutrient solution and microclimate in which plants develop. The device corrects these parameters by creating optimal conditions for the best growth and development of the plant.

«OverGrower» - Everything is fine in the garden!

Excellent harvest with excellent taste and vitamin qualities.

Intuitive and understandable interface. Control and management are carried out:

  • from touch screen on the device,
  • via web interface when connecting «OverGrower» to the Internet via cable (from a computer or smartphone).

It is enough to connect the «OverGrower» device to a cultivation system once and it will perform all the necessary manipulations. In fact, plant a seed, turn on the device and installation, and wait for the harvest.

The «OverGrower» is installed into an already prepared hydroponic system. There is no need to visit a place where all execution units are located. With «OverGrower» you can effectively cultivate from 1 to 660 tomato bushes.

Using «OverGrower» allows you to cut down by 16 times labor costs. No special conditions are required for premises for plants cultivation.

Each «OverGrower» is designed for one kind of plant, or for one growing area. All plants managed by one «OverGrower» can be at one stage of growth.

Remote Access

«OverGrower» can be connected to the Internet if you wish. By connecting the device to the network, it is possible to access it through a browser from a computer or smartphone.

The access page has a high degree of security. In order to enter, you would need to insert a standard password from the manual and to replace it with an individual one.

«OverGrower» also works without connection to the Internet. All necessary data can be indicated on the device with an easy and understandable menu.

Profile of Cultivating Plants

«OverGrower» already been programmed for cultivating your favorite plants.

You can create your personal «Growth Profile»! If it so happened that you decided to grow some special plant - you can create your own «Growth Profile» that has already prepared a standard form of growing plants, adding the desired procedures.

Fertigation system:

Mixing components of the solution occurs by based on the requirements of the plant growth stage.

Control the amount of fertilizers:

Regulation of nutrient solution of trace elements is performed by making a proportional multi-nutrient of fertilizers using the pumps.

Based on the TDS sensor indications, pumps, proportionally adjusted to mineralization level of desired value indicating a concentration measurement units «ppm».

It is possible to use of 1-, 2- and 3-component of fertilizers any firms, destined only for hydroponics.

The control pH of solution:

Regulation of acidity of solution occurs by making special pumps with acid or alkali.

Based on these pH sensors, pumps control the level of acid-base balance to optimum values.

Proved - the requirements of each plant heavily individual.

Some of the parameters depending on the growth period of are changing:

  • The amount and composition of trace elements (TDS / EC).
  • Ambient temperature
  • Photosynthesis phase time
  • Concentration of CO2 gas in the air

Moreover, some parameters should always be stable:

  • pH balance
  • Water temperature
  • The humidity level
  • The water level in the tank

Eight sensors used in the system that control the:

  • pH balance
  • The amount and composition of trace elements (TDS / EC)
  • Water temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • The humidity level
  • Illumination
  • The water level in the tank
  • Concentration of CO2 gas in the air

Where to Check Out the Device?

You can observe the OverGrower device at our Regional Partners’ offices.

To check out OverGrower at work is possible at our laboratory in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk. You can get acquainted with the functionality of the device by checking our newsfeed in Instagram.

What About Competitors?

None of our competitors can guarantee harvest.

The device can control the following parameters:

  • Acid-alkaline pH balance
  • Quantity and composition of microelements (TDS / EC)
  • Illumination
  • Water level in a storage tank
  • Concentration of CO2 in air


  • Investments in equipment return after two successful harvests.
  • If all the conditions are met, the device guarantees a harvest that covers all costs.
  • By purchasing hydroponics automation system, you can customize it by yourself and serve up to 660 tomato bushes.
  • In case of volume increase, it is possible to adopt the device to individual needs
  • It is possible to adjust and correct the device to individual growing conditions.
  • Recommended price is 100,000 rubles.

Package Contents:

  1. Device with a software already installed.
  2. pH sensor - 1 pc in a set (periodicity of maintenance is once a month).
  3. Combined sensor - TDS + solution temperature
  4. Combined sensor - air temperature + humidity + illumination
  5. Solution level sensor.
  6. CO2 concentration sensor.
  7. Control unit of two outlets for controlling light and cooling lamps.
  8. Control unit of two outlets to maintain the level of solution and refilling.
  9. Control unit of two outlets for controlling CO2 gas supply valve and extractor.
  10. Power supply unit.
  11. Working manual with an access password to the user interface (supplied in the form of an electronic document).
  12. Cultivation procedures (supplied in the form of an electronic document).
  13. Warranty is 12 months.
  14. Each outlet in each control unit is designed for a maximum load of up to 1.5 kW.

Options / Specification:

  • VIP-kit - completed with pumps and other devices for larger tasks.
  • Service for planning the premises for plants cultivation.
  • Service for planning the equipment of the premises.


  • Buy 7 devices, get 8th one free!
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