«OVER GROWER®» - is a completely automated hydroponics system for the remote plant cultivation. It is not just a mixing unit; It is a whole system of eight sensors, which creates ideal conditions.

Excellent harvest full of vitamins and of excellent taste.

Intuitive interface, touch screen on the device.

Remote control via Internet from a computer or smartphone.

Plant a seed, turn on the device and installation, and wait for the harvest.


Is installed into an already prepared
hydroponic system with nutrient solution and light.

Designed for plant cultivation in a quantity
equal to 1 to 660 tomato bushes.

The device is aimed at cultivating only one type of plant,
one growing area and one growth stage.

There are no special requirements for premises
in which to cultivate plants.

Connected to Internet via Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable.
Control interface has a high-scale security.

All information on the plant cultivation for the entire
period of growth is carefully stored in the device's memory.

Pre-set settings for the entire life cycle
of plant from seed to harvest.

Monitoring and correction of indicators:
PH acid level and amount of TDS fertilizers.
Components’ mix by pumps.


You can check out OVER GROWER®
device in our laboratory in Novosibirsk.
The device controls the following parameters:
  • Acid-alkaline pH balance
  • Quantity and composition of microelements (TDS / EC)
  • Illumination
  • Water level in storage tank
  • Concentration of CO2 in air
More photos here: Over_Grower

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VITROPLANTECH, Resident of Skolkovo

Trial operation of the first «OverGrower» complex for remote automated hydroponic plant control allowed for solving a number of tasks, as well as to improve service of the hydroponic system to a fundamentally new level by fully automating main technological operations.


Investing in equipment will returned after two successful crops.
If all the conditions complied, device ensures crop, which covers all costs.
2 500 $


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